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Direct mail can be an effective marketing solution to reach passively engaged consumers, who may have an interest in your product or service. Direct mail takes on many forms including post cards, letters and brochures. You have control when you want to increase business. This is one of the most efficient ways to reach your target audience. In order for your campaign to be a success we follow this formula.


In order to achieve success you need to be committed to multiple mailings. Consumers may not be ready when they see your first mailing, however by targeting the same people over time your chances of success are increased.


It’s important to make sure your list is up to date. You will want to define who your customer is. We have the ability to target by age, occupation, home value, income and many more. The more defined the list the better chance of success.


Consumer’s love a reason to act now! Having a solid offer that has true value will give the consumer the reason to act now. Putting a time limit on the offer will also force consumers to respond when you are looking for more business.


When designing your card or other type of mailing piece it needs to catch the consumer’s attention with a headline, photos and offer. You have very little time to make an impression.

Conclusion, in order for your campaign not to be a F.L.O.P we use these 4 principles to give your campaign to best chance of success. Our Direct Mail is a full service program from design, listing and mailing.

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