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We refer to this as “internet housekeeping”. Many businesses are unaware of all the different websites that have their business listing information available for their users. The problem is that most of these sites do not have the correct information. In some cases there are duplicate listings which could confuse a potential customer. It’s important for your business to have consistent and accurate information across the internet. The challenge is the time and complexity of finding and logging into all these sites to correct and/or ad the information needed. It takes time to add your URL, correct business name, address, phone number and pertinent information about your business. Having this information consistent across the internet is very important because this will impact your relevancy to the search engines.

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Reputation Monitoring

Online reviews have become critically important to business owners. They affect how relevant you are on search engines and how your customers view your business. Today’s challenge is how does a business stay on top of these reviews? There are many sites where consumers leave reviews which will make this task very daunting. The old way of thinking was to ignore bad reviews and maybe they will go away. Here’s why that’s a bad idea: 42% of people are influenced by online reviews. Business owners need a way to monitor and respond to these reviews. Maine Street Marketing will work with your business to be sure you are equipped with the proper tools to review and respond to reviews about your business.

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